The exclusive service provided by Copernicus gives an unrivalled perspective on the political background to decisions taken in Europe which affect your company.

Our values are independence, objectivity and accuracy. Our assets are knowledge and experience of European policy-making, institutions and procedures. We aim to combine political, economic and legal analysis with proven technical expertise, expressed with clarity and precision, to meet your particular requirements.

We can provide a unique insight into the frequent interconnection in European decision-making between national, institutional, political and sectoral interests, while also pinpointing the relevance to your own concerns.

Our exclusive Copernicus briefings draw on over twenty years of advising governments and political parties across Europe, in both Brussels and in national capitals. We have worked directly within the European Commission and the European Parliament at the highest level. We know how the system works and how to get results. We also have long-standing links with many of Britain's and Europe's leading universities, think-tanks and research institutes.

We can analyse the detail of policy.

We can spot the trends.

We can read between the lines (in several languages).

We can explain the politics.

We are familiar with the process.

We know the people and personalities who make the difference.

Copernicus has particular experience and expertise in providing political intelligence relating to the political situation in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and Ukraine.

Our specialist policy areas include EU regulation, (particularly including financial services), the euro crisis and the European economy, global and transatlantic trade, EU budgetary issues (including multiannual financing) and external relations.

Copernicus briefings can be made to order, on the issues and format most suited to your needs. They may include briefings at breakfast meetings or over dinner (we guarantee that our presentation will be informative and understandable – and even entertaining). Regular quarterly reports are available by subscription, and rapid critical analysis can be produced in cases of particular urgency.

Since its creation in February 2012 Copernicus has already given exclusive briefings in the House of Commons, the US Congress and on Wall Street. Reaction to Copernicus's discreet, thoughtful and well-researched approach has been universally positive.

If you would like more information or to discuss what Copernicus can offer your company, please contact us at